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We do not condone or support the breeding of the "white"/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation.
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All show and performance homes will be given priority
If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out our questioner and email it back to me.  
Call me and  speak to us directly.
We always have a waiting list for companion/pet Dobermans so reservations are suggested.

Puppy Questionnaire

We realize this may be a bit time consuming but we are very careful when placing our puppies into their new homes and we want to insure a match that will last a lifetime!  Please copy and paste the question to an email along with your answers, our email link is down below.

1.   Name
2.   Address
3.   Home Phone
4.   Email
5.   How were you referred to us?
6.   Please list two references (breeder, veterinarian, etc.) be sure to identify their relationship with you and provide a phone number where they can be reached.
7.   Please tell us what sex of dog you are looking for: Male or Female?
8.   Please tell us what your plans are for this dog:  Show? / Obedience-Agility?/ Pet Companion?
9.   Have you ever owned a Doberman before?
10. If yes, tell us about the dog.  If no, why do you want to own one now?
11. Are there any other animals in your home?  If so, how many and what kind?
12. Have you owned dogs in the past?  If so, please tell us about them.
13. Will you stay in contact with us throughout the dogs entire life and update us with any address, phone or email changes?  If for some reason you are unable to keep this puppy are you willing to give him back to us so we can find a good forever home for him?
14. Do you have a fenced back yard, and what type of fencing is it?
15. What is your typical schedule at home?
16. If you are considering a show dog, have you ever had a show dog before?
17. Do you owner/handle or do you use a professional handler?
18. Have you ever bred a litter?  What breed?  How many litters in the past years?
19. If there are children in your household, how many and what are their ages?
20. If this puppy is sold as "companion/pet quality" it will be on LIMITED REGISTRATION and must be spayed/neutered by 9 months old.  Will this be a problem?
21. Where will this puppy/dog reside primarily?  What about times when it will be alone - and how many hours will it be alone during the day?
22. What type of residence do you live in, house, condo, apartment?
23. Are you willing to sign a puppy contract before buying this puppy?

Thank you very much for filling out our puppy questionnaire!!  We will be in touch with your shortly!

Jaroe Dobes


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